A Range Of Three Machines To Suit All Of Your Needs


NESCAFE Alegria machines are very intuitive, easy to use.  To meet the needs of institutions, these machines are fast they have a high degree of autonomy.  In regard to maintenance, these machines can be cleaned easily which is a major advantage where the turnover is important, by simply pressing two buttons the automatic cleaning cycle begins.

Revenues fully meet customer requirements, with a black coffee, a latte, a chocolate, but many other possibilities of hot drinks available to you ...On the buffet service, these machines are a real advantage for the modern and attractive design appeals to both the users and the consumers.


Speed of service: A cup in less than 12 seconds.  Ease of maintenance with an automatic cleaning cycle and no coffee in the machine.

A machine for all types of beverages featuring selections from 6 to 14 depending on the machine.  A complete range from classic drinks (milk, coffee, chocolate, tea, decaffeinated, etc.). And specialties (cappuccino, latte, etc.)..

No loss: Preparation of drinks on demand.  Autonomy: A very simple system requiring very little intervention.  Low cost to the cup.


Purchase Options





Alegria 6/30


Alegria 8/60


Alegria 8/150

Height: 540mm  

Height: 600mm  

Height: 717mm

Width: 300mm  

Width: 450mm  

Width: 362mm

Depth: 470mm  

Depth: 580mm  

Depth: 607mm

Weight: 20.4kg  

Weight: 35kg  

Weight: 31.6kg








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